Loose tooth

October 26th, 2009

From La Velle E. Neal’s Blog:

I e-mailed Justin Morneau last week after one of my spotters spotted him in the Wild clubhouse with his hand wrapped up. I wanted to know how his surgery went.

He got back to me over the weekend and didn’t seem too worried:

“Hand is feeling better,” he wrote. “Get the cast off this week and it should be good as new in about 4 weeks. They found a floating chunk of bone that kind of looked like a tooth but no tendon or ligament damage. Went as good as it could go.”

Morneau’s hand should be healed from surgery by the end of the year – as should the stress fracture in his lower back that ended his season in September.

I remember talking with Michael Cuddyer during last offseason when he was coming off a 2008 that included so many injures. “I’ve  never been more motivated to have good season,” he said then. Cuddyer went on to have a nice comeback year.

The guess here is that Morneau will feel the same way once he gets the go-ahead to resume workouts.

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