Fan Photos Collection contest

February 7th, 2009

Visit the Photo Gallery to check out the new Fan Photos collection (I’ll work on coming up with a clever name later).

The first installment of pics was sent to me by Sarah M.  Sarah took photos of and with Justin Morneau between 2001-2004 while he was playing in the Twins minor league system.

If you have any photos you’d like to share for use on the site, please click HERE to send them.  I’ll update the Photo Gallery as the pictures come in and post a blurb on the News and Notes page to let everyone know to check them out.

Anyone submitting a photo* in February will be eligible to win a great (as of yet undetermined) prize so send me your fan photos soon to be entered!

*Photos must be your own – no copyrighted pics, please.  By sending your photos you are authorizing to post them on the site.

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